Karma 101 – Uplift your life right away!

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Becoming the "Best" Version

We all have our moments of doubts, failures, misunderstandings, ego, jealousy and downright depression. When life challenges us, it forces us to unlock our reserves of inner strength and stride forward with a smile on the face even when the heart frowns. Some of us can surpass all the difficulties independently. For others, it takes a push from friends, an encouragement from loved ones, a warm heart-felt embrace or even advice from old-aged people to cross their darkest periods. But what if your access to them is denied? What if all your circumstances turn your plans awry no matter what you do?

When this case arises, you can assert that it’s because of the ripening of your negative karma. Debts in this universe have to be paid. Every action that you undertake in this life will be met with an equivalent amount of reward or even a punishment, depending on…

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