Equality and the “ism” business

It took decades and many sacrifices to stand where we are as a society that defends and at the same time discriminates women.The “feminism” movement has taken the world by storm and many ideas have come into practise because of it.

As we move forward in this road filled with unforeseen struggles and victories, we look back and realise that the major hindrance to the accomplishment of  gender equality is the diverse and sometimes deleterious ways in which people interpret the idea of “feminism”.

Therefore I asked people from various age groups and across various strata of society the question  ” What is feminism according to you ? Do you believe that a separate ideology/movement (ism)  is required to propagate such ideas?”

Below are few of the replies that I got:-

“Feminism is all about equality. The common misconception is that feminism fights men. It cannot be more wrong. Feminism fights patriarchy. Feminism is not at all biological but it’s an ideology. Sadly, there are a lot of people who give it a very wrong meaning these days.”

Yeah.It is about fighting patriarchy and not men.Another person gave a reply similar to the previous one.

“Feminism is a social movement aimed at bringing equality and basic human rights to everyone regardless of gender. It attempts to liberate humanity from the social gender based constrictions they are presently subjected to. I do believe that it is necessary as without a name, you cannot talk about  patriarchy and therefore cannot deal with it.”
That has scored a bull’s eye -I too believe that naming is important for people across the world to be able to connect with it .

Well there was one person who used the word ” junk”.One important thing is that by fighting for equality we fight against treating women as beings who require reservation to get into premier institutions or into high posts.Women are no less than men in any field of studies.

One person focused on the importance of the relationship b/w a man and a woman in each other’s lives.

“Feminism by definition is a movement aimed at uplifting status of women. Many cultures including ours have restricted women to certain fields and have restricted them from many others. Feminism is supposed to help women feel proud of their gender and break these gender barriers. The movement is good and acceptable as long as it adheres to the fact that men and women are complementary to each other and not competitors.”

The Hindu god Ardhanarisvara is depicted as half-male and half-female.This deity symbolizes the inseparability of the feminine aspect of the divine with the male principle of God.It transcends the definition of human differentiation into male and female.

I have put together the views I received and the conclusions I can derive from them.This article is a summation of the impact that “feminism ” has had on people and how they believed/questioned accepted wisdom.



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