Truth and Reality

This is my first attempt at science fiction.I wrote this for a different purpose,but I wish to share it to you all 🙂

Image result for reality perception

He has evaded reality for 15 human years, only two more years till he realises the verisimilitude of the world he lives in now.

“High gravity and harsh climate in this planet has made him giant-like in comparison to average humans living on the earth. Oneirogen-like compounds were given to convince him.

He is the first live sample to taste the fruits of our theories, he will be the last- the whole experiment had taken a toll on him.”

She had finished typing the memo when she heard her AI device reminding her to check the projectors. Her knowledge of Vimana Shastra had helped in sustaining him in suspended animation. They projected a 3D model of the earth using natural energy sources like lightning. A stereoscopic movie of two slightly different views of the same action created the illusion of depth.

According to him, she was a counsellor who prepared him for his special job.

“Close your eyes. What progress have you made?”

“I am trying to tap into the other 90 percent of my brain to teleport to other planets by means of brain waves. I can now imagine myself in a planet with deserts and scattered seas.”

She tried not to flinch he was very close to the truth, the drug’s effect was wearing out day by day. “Okay, your next session is in 72 hours.”

He quizzically raised his eyebrows “Are you sure about the side effects these experiments have on my mental health? Sometimes I have these blackouts, where I am in a totally different place, a different life and these flashes are quite frequent.”

She avoided eye contact. “Yes, once this is over you will go through special mental conditioning to continue your regular life.”

“Its been a long time…family,” he sighed.

This is why she wanted to stop it, she knew what his blackouts meant: existence of infinite quantum realities. He was chosen because of his previous success in moving things using his thoughts. They wanted someone who could transport them back to earth using this method, overcoming the dangers of rocket transportation. He will become invisible to the human eye soon if he tried moving through space faster than light using his thoughts.

Later that evening, she saw him frantically trying to wash his face and maybe his memories with it. “Blackouts again, can’t control.” He grabbed her hand, together they went into ‘a new world.’

His desk was filled with notes on the power of thought. He was a simple professor, not a man pulled out in time and space, forced to believe in unreal things. When they returned, her head throbbed in pain, it was her turn with blackouts, she saw herself de-promoted because of her failed attempt at Human transportation research. She was facing her crossroads. If she told him the truth she saw what would happen and if she didn’t, she guessed the outcome. She could go right or left, it would give rise to two daughter universes: one in which she goes right, and one in which she goes left.

Taking a deep breath, “Neil, you have to hear this.”

The power of choice always influenced every universe in ways unknown.



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