Love-your guess is as good as mine

I have been thinking a very long time to write about this. All the halo surrounding ‘Love stories’ start from school times and continue to college days.I put those ‘’ when using the word ‘love’ because I believe that love represents attraction to various aspects of a person at various stages of life.

Teenage life is about looks,attitude and popularity quotient. Conventional instincts indicate that for people in their early teens, relationships are mainly about physical attraction.With maturity and experiences of surviving in the real world ,they begin accepting a person’s inner qualities as most important. Blaming only the guys does not work..There are girls who use their looks to achieve dominance.This leads us to the question-Is there any difference between love and lust as far as physical beauty is concerned?

Well,there is this explanation involving hormones that induce the feeling of attachment.The interpretation that seems the most realistic is ”completing each other” .So,can more that one person “fill the void” in your life?

Does ’ true love’ occur more than once?

Where does marriage lie in all this?

Can a person survive through their youth with all the incompleteness in his/her life ?

Love at first sight-The most vulnerable idea of all.No one does deny that “shapeliness” does not influence such feelings.

I have heard stories where the engagements were called off because  the bride  wore glasses.When people reach their ‘marrying age’,their parlour expenses start escalating.

This very thin line between grooming and glamour plays all sorts of tricks with one’s mind.

We come across few cases where people really have the guts to choose character above looks.

When a girl gets pregnant soon after her marriage,comments like “he must have loved her so much” pop up.What has love got to do with getting physical?

In their 50’s ,love is taking care of each other.

The exquisiteness changes with age.This subject is much discussed by people of all sorts with the views varying from the actual,the plausible and the idealistic.


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